Merchants Row Shopping Center
The center is situated on a 10 acre site on a high traffic corner with access to Routes 3, 53, and 123. Giglio Properties' goal was to scrap an existing 65,000 SF two-story building to introduce in its place a 62,000 SF single-story lifestyle center.

Studio Troika’s development of the space includes a mix of retail, restaurants and entertainment that is further enhanced by a variety of outdoor green space and landscaping.

At the core of the project is the promenade, an open space between buildings A & B, intended to be part of the community for farm stands, yoga classes and weekly venues that give the experience consumers are seeking in their shopping centers. For this effect, we created a unique set of buildings that capture the active nature of the center.
Large roofs on both A & B are broken by two canopies that architecturally highlight the anchor restaurants, while also creating space below for seating. We chose a simple palette of materials such as EIFs, stone, wood and metal. But by using them in a complex way, we transformed an otherwise flat façade into a more dynamic experience.
Sabrina Cole Quinn
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