Harmonix, the video gaming firm behind Guitar Hero, sought an expressive, fun, friendly, and warm environment for its employees that would also highlight and reaffirm its unique brand identity. To achieve this, Studio Troika capitalized on Harmonix’ own talent and graphics to provide a space that is truly theirs.
Our design offers generous daylight, views of the city from one side, and an open view to Boston harbor on the other. To utilize the location, we brought the outside in by keeping the floor open to allow for maximum light penetration while maintaining city and ocean views. The branding starts at the elevator lobby with Harmonix's internal artist's work.

Rhythm is established through circulation, bright wall colors, and bold floor patterns. Lighting is also used to reflect rhythm, from backlit translucent ceiling panels and a pattern of perpendicular turning lines of light inspired by the video game, Tron.

Studio Troika
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