Ginkgo Bioworks
Ginkgo Bioworks, an organism engineering biotechnology company, began with a single 18,000 sf facility in Boston. To accommodate urgent and sustained expansion, however, Studio Troika proposed a master plan consisting of a 6+ rapid growth phase spanning 6–7 years.
In the plan, the replicable design module locates a laboratory as the central hub, which is then surrounded by the necessary support spaces such as offices, meeting rooms, utilities, and storage. With the module standardized, growth is now a cellular process with additional pods or bioworks’ being quickly designed and constructed to add an additional 18K sf of valuable office and laboratory space to serve an additional 50 scientists.

Each phase of the plan has minor specialized adjustments to cater to the intricate details of the process each bioworks or foundry will serve. Finally, the pods are branded and themed to provide wayfinding and add to the company’s character.

Sabrina Cole Quinn & Zac Sargent
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