FIXT Dental in Wellesley, MA combines quality dental care with cutting edge technology and modern design. The 3,000 sf space includes a welcoming lounge area, 4 treatment rooms, 3 hygiene rooms, a CBCT scanner, a sterilization center, and a state of the art lab. Studio Troika's design centers around creating a one of a kind experience, atypical of your standard dental office.

one of a kind experience

Feature walls made of warm wood and back lit quartz weave through the space, guiding patients and creating moments for branding, display, and reveals. During the day, smart film on the storefront provides privacy for patients but during off hours, it cycles on and off to showcase the design and technology from the exterior.

Studio Troika worked with the team to develop a palette that is authentic and clean, true to the work being done within.

Sabrina Cole Quinn
Lindsey Marshall
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