Everybody Fights
Working closely with George Foreman III and his team, Studio Troika designed a series of Everybody Fights gyms that maintain the look and feel that encompasses their flagship gym in Boston's Seaport district.
boxing as the focal point
Boxing is about bringing the community together and for this reason, the ring becomes the focal point of the design. Each gym had its own spatial challenges but the ring was always at the center with additional workout rooms, amenities, and activities supporting it.

A system of parts was developed that addresses the different needs throughout the gym. Perforated panels, tectum boards, and kee klamp fittings come together to create "swag racks" at retail, divider screens between classrooms, and acoustic solutions in open areas. A raw and industrial material palette brings the design together and pushes you through the workout classes with your community.

EBF, Multiple Locations
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