Edge Sports Center
The Edge Sports Center, located in Bedford, MA, has quickly grown into a state of the art sports and recreational facility. Studio Troika’s first phase at The Edge included demolishing an existing indoor turf field and replacing it with a regulation ice rink.
This phase incorporated the design of new locker and training rooms for the US Women’s Olympic Hockey team. Benches, storage, support spaces, and an elevated turf mezzanine are used for training. Following the completion of the ice rink in the summer of 2012, the second phase began with the construction of two full-size, outdoor turf fields, with one utilizing an inflated bubble structure in the winter to provide year-round service.

In order to support the large number of people passing through this complex, we designed a concession stand that provides refreshments, restrooms, and direct access into the turf field when the bubble is in place.

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