Betty's Supper Club
Long time restaurateurs reached out to Studio Troika to study the potential of building a new tavern in their hometown. The proposed site is rich with local history of food, gathering, and recreation on the Charles River that borders the property, but presented logistical constraints to build responsibly within a floodplain.

The team outlined a goal to create a local joint that sits comfortably within the vernacular style, but would serve creative twists on traditional pub fare. Studio Troika developed an architectural language consistent with northeast barns, then intentionally intervened on this geometry with a carved entry and large glazed openings to create an identity as a restaurant meant for communing with both friends and the surrounding natural environment.

The study culminated in a wood clad, gabled structure that is raised 6ft from the ground level to allow water to pass under the building without any harm. Its bold entry catches attention along the street and reveals a warm, lofted interior space that strategically brings in natural light and maximizes wooded views for staff and patrons alike.
Studio Troika
101 South Street
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