599 Somerville Ave
The proposed development of 599 Somerville Avenue will be a three-story commercial building prioritizing an active and engaging ground floor and flexible daylit tenant spaces. The urban infill nature of the site intentionally aligns with goals and needs of the neighborhood to bring jobs and activity to the existing commercial corridor.
The primary building façade along Somerville Avenue is designed to read as two distinct but proportionally related and materially coordinated buildings. The corner parapet meets the adjacent 593 Somerville Avenue mansard roofline, while the western parapet steps down as a nod to the lower adjacent commercial buildings. A lush landscape buffer is designed along the northern lot line to ease the transition between neighboring residences.

The building façade design is inspired by materials, proportions, and architectural cadence found in other key corner buildings along Somerville Avenue. The height of the ground floor storefront aligns with the retail frontage of existing buildings directly to the east. In addition, the design introduces canopies for pedestrian comfort and better visual connection to the interiors. The landscape design proposes a street furniture zone along Somerville Avenue, including the bus stop, bike racks, street trees, and an extension of the corner curb line to create a parklet element for increased engagement with the public. The building at 599 Somerville Avenue will pursue LEED Gold certifiable requirements and strive to create a visually and spatially dynamic urban environment.

Renderings 1 - 2:
Rafi Properties
Renderings 3 - 6:
Studio Troika
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