24,500 sq.ft


Boston, MA

This project creates a space that offers generous

daylight, views of the city from one side, and an open

view to the Boston harbor on the other side. To exploit

the location, we brought the outside in by keeping the

floor open allowing for maximum light penetration

while maintaining the city and ocean views. The intent

of the design is to create a space that reflects the

uniqueness of our client, Harmonix, a video gaming

firm that needs an expressive, fun friendly and warm

environment to move to.. We capitalized on their

talent and graphics to give them a space that is truly

theirs. The branding starts at the elevator lobby with

Harmonix graphics as well as other elements as we

navigate through the space. Rhythm is established

through circulation, bright wall colors, and bold floor

patterns. Lighting is also used to reflect rhythm, from

backlit blue polygal and random lines in the café

reflecting the dynamic nature of the space to more

uniform lighting throughout the workspace.