100,000 sq.ft

Paris, FR

Located across the street from the National Library of

France in Paris, this mixed use project incorporated

a ground floor day care center with 94 residential

units. A landmark site for the City of Paris, the

design intent was to create a glowing icon of stained

glass at night, and a dynamic, active green balcony

frontage during the day.

The building envelope incorporated an energy

efficient double glass wall facade system, an exterior

mounted shading system, and a frit glass layer

with baked in images inspired by the work of artist

Roman Cieslewicz. Building materials included a

system of stainless steel balcony fronts and cable

system to allow vines to grow on the facade, slatted

sustainably grown wood balconies, and a stainless

steel mesh screen.

(Project completed by Robert Elfer as a Project Architect at

Francis Soler Architects.)