28,000 sq.ft


Newton, MA

This project is the expansion and renovation of the

existing Adobe Boston location in Newton, MA.

Modern, industrial, and clean were terms used in

designing this space. The large, recognizable “A” of

Adobe is the first thing you see as you enter the door.

Once inside the space, the polished concrete floors

move you through the public areas. Private areas

such as workstations, offices, and conference rooms

are all carpeted to delineate these spaces from the

public. The primary object in the space, clad in vertical

hung perforated span-rib panels is the Training Room

which connects with the rest of the public space

through 2 large garage doors. Wrapping the public

area creating soffits, benches, shelves, and light

fixtures are shipping pallets. These elements were

an economical way to create something dynamic

that could play throughout the space and highlight

Adobe’s cutting edge ideas.